Meet Greg Baxter

Greg Baxter

Greg Baxter, Founder, CEO

As founder and CEO of Baxter Planning Systems, Greg Baxter is the guiding force behind the company’s comprehensive suite of products and professional services.   Greg has over 30 years of experience in the service planning industry, including 10 years at Texas Instruments where he served as world-wide system planning manager.

When founding Baxter Planning Systems in 1993, Greg designed solutions that operate from a service planners’ perspective while effectively addressing the business concerns of CEOs.  Baxter Planning Systems’ emphasis on designing solutions from the ground up has allowed Fortune 1000 to Fortune 100 companies achieve over 99% customer satisfaction levels while reducing inventory levels over 50%.

Building on his years of experience as a planning manager, Greg has demonstrated leadership with customer proven, first to market software that optimizes worldwide inventory networks through hosted solutions and on-demand planning services.